JW Clise founded the company on June 7, 1889, the day after the Great Seattle Fire. Four generations later, we own and manage over 2.3 million square feet throughout the Puget Sound region.

“Our tenants like where they are and like how they’re treated. They know us, and they know we’ll be here next week, next month and next year.” – A. M. Clise

Clise Properties is a dedicated team of professionals committed to providing the best, most personal service to our tenants. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and dedication to serving our family of over 500 tenants. 

“The credit for our success in a tough business is due entirely to the skill and dedication every one of us brings to the office every day.” – A. M. Clise

Clise Properties was founded on the principle of doing the right thing. This principle guides us in our business and civic activities. In business as in life, the results must benefit both parties in order to succeed. 

“If you are right – go ahead full speed.” – JW Clise

Securities Building Circa 1917

Four generations of leadership


For over 132 years, Clise Properties has played an integral role in the development of Seattle’s business and community institutions. This continuity in family ownership has enabled us to stay true to our guiding principles of honesty, integrity and doing what is right.

The Clise Legacy

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We pride ourselves on our swift, personal service. Don't hesitate if you have any questions - call us or send an email today. Responsiveness and complete dedication to every one of our clients form the cornerstone of our business.

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  • “We have a rule here that we do business the right way, and we make deals that everyone feels good about. If you do business that way, your chances of success go way up, and success for all players is what we want.” 

    –Al Clise, CEO
  • “At Clise, we take the long view. We are not transaction driven. We are tenant-oriented and take great pride in serving our large and growing family of tenants, many who have been with us for ten, twenty and even sixty-five years.” 

    –Ed Luera, Vice President
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A Legacy of Community Stewardship

James William Clise arrived in Seattle with his wife Anna the day after the city burned down. JW, as he was known, and Anna were instrumental in hauling Seattle up out of its own ashes and starting it down the road to potential greatness. This spirit lives with us today as we continue to build Seattle’s future and invest in the betterment of our community. When JW Clise founded Clise Properties in 1889, a legacy was born.

Community Stewardship

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