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Feb 27 by Clise Properties

Tenant Spotlight: Washington's National Park Fund

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are lucky to have towering mountains, stunning coastlines and even lush rainforests just a drive away. But do you know who takes care of these landscapes that mean so much to us? That's where our tenant comes in...

Introducing Washington's National Park Fund!

Describing what makes their organization stand out, WNPF says, "We are the official and fortunate philanthropic partners to Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic national parks. We raise more - and most importantly give more - to support our beloved parks year after year."

While thrilled that they're able to give more each year to these incredible parks, WNFP has grand visions for accomplishing much more with the help of the Seattle community. "So many in Washington state value and honor these parks, and we are continually working to increase awareness of Washington's National Park Fund and why our mission is so important."

WNFP has been a resident in the Securities Building for more than four years, and enjoy their space in the Seattle architectural landmark. "We chose the Securities Building at the corner of 4th and Stewart due in part to the historic lobby... if you haven't seen it, you must. It reflects what Seattle looked like back in 1917 when it was built."

This next part made us blush! WNFP adds, "What we appreciate most about being a Clise tenant is the friendliness of Clise employees, especially Ayinde and Ed. Whenever they stroll by, they smile, wave and are genuinely happy to see us. They also appreciate our mission of service to the national parks."

We DO appreciate their mission, very much, and encourage you to learn more about the wonderful work that Washington's National Park Fund is doing at and check out their YouTube channel here.

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