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Mar 23 by Clise Properties

Building Seattle's Future, One Child At a Time

Yes, we're a commercial real estate business. Yes, we love what we do and we're excited about what's next. We like to say that we've been building Seattle's future since 1889. That said, there's much more to the Clise family legacy than office buildings, and it began with a small group of determined women more than a century ago.

We're talking, of course, about Seattle Children's Hospital, the best pediatric hospital in our region and a nationwide leader in children's healthcare. 

Anna Clise, driven by the untimely death of her 6-year-old son Willis from inflammatory rheumatism, gathered her friends and became a champion of pediatric health. In 1907, after years of concerted effort, Children's Orthopedic Hospital Association (now Seattle Children's Hospital) was born. 

Today, Anna would be astounded by the life-saving work being done at Seattle Children's - particularly by the innovative research that propels cures and offers hope to thousands of children and their families every year. 

We want to share just a few examples of how Seattle Children's, Anna's passion and legacy, is changing the face of pediatric medicine as we know it: 

Immunotherapy - a revolutionary process where a patient's own blood is "programmed" to fight and kill cancer - is proving wildly successful in eliminating certain types of cancer in clinical trials. 

Super glue is being used to treat tumor-like growths called venous malformations - a treatment performed at only two hospitals in the country - and is alleviating patients of severe pain. 

A 7-year-old girl with a rare, life-threatening craniofacial condition, is now enjoying a new jaw that was literally GROWN for her for by the world-class craniofacial team at Seattle Children's. 

To read more astonishing stories of lives saved and families cared for, read Seattle Children's blog. You'll see how this remarkable institution is building Seattle's future in its own way - by caring for our children better than anyone else.   

Sarah Clise, Social Media Consultant 

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